Siegrid Guillaumon

  • Doutora em Administração.

  • Professora e Educadora. Acredita no desenvolvimento de redes de formadores em favor da educação, e na reflexão sobre a prática didática como método de transformação.

  • Mobilizada pela compreensão do desenvolvimento dos territórios, especialmente as dinâmicas culturais e as dinâmicas de gestão fora das fronteiras organizacionais e organizações não convencionais.

  • Sócio-fundadora e Conselheira do Instituto Chapada de Educação e Pesquisa (

  • Curiosa pelas temáticas de gestão da arte, arteducação,  populações originárias, indígenas americanos, conectividade e redes virtuais, carreiras sem fronteiras, e gestão dos territórios.

  • Preocupa-se com uma educação voltada para a  sustentabilidade: o meio ambiente como identidade interlocutora e a coexixtência harmônica da diversidade na modernidade líquida.

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Atividades conjuntas com Estudantes

A coluna 'Me Explique Aí' é um espaço colaborativo  de compartilhamento de textos desenvolvidos por estudantes da graduação em Administração da UnB que pretendem contribuir com reflexões críticas e com a construção coletiva do conhecimento sobre gestão e pessoas. Esperamos que gostem!

Já o projeto Uso da Arte em meios Digitais para Desenvolvimento da Criatividade resulta em coletâneas de fotografias que revelam a maneira como jovens vêm representando as relações Homem e Natureza a partir da expressão de seu universo individual. 

As fotografias podem ser encontradas no link:

O video que apresenta a iniciativa está disponível em:

As we know, the world has already changed a lot and is still in constantly transformation and this scenario is called “VUCA environment”, which has a lot of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. So it means that the changes happen more fastly and people and companies have to live in this new world. And one of the main characteristics of this new era is the use of technologies in everywhere, as we see on: banking,...

"The imparting or exchange of information or news."

"Means of sending or receiving information, such as telephone lines or computers."


"A process by wich information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior.

            Also: exchange of information."


What are the Benefits of pay secrecy:

For many years, it was typical at organizations have a policy that prohibits employees talk about their payments at the workplace. So, we can define pay secrecy as the lack of information about workers’ payment.

And why this is interesting for employers?

One of the reasons is because it has the potential to apply for many people across jobs, organizations and industries and also can reflect...

In traditional ethics there is a lack of books and articles discussing it in details, and that is partly responsible for the fact that many teachers and many authors believe that ethics is no more than “an airing of opinions”. They also don’t believe that ethical theory could help solve complex issues, because there is no consensus in the method which to be used. This can be account to the fact that there is a deeply set antag...

To start the topic of performance management, we must first define its mains studied concepts. According to readings on the particular theme of Bendassolli's work, performance management arises from a behavioral construct of many facets involving the task completion as well as attitudes and other organizational situations. Keeping with the conceptualization offered by Bendassolli, within the performance management, we must dif...


In a market that’s always looking for the best, companies that tend to stand out from the competition are facing a hard time. With so much innovation out there and the idea of modernization, it is important to keep an eye out for what’s coming next and what’s changing on politics, economy and society itself. In that sense, the companies more now than never must know how to allocate properly their resources, especia...

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) includes activities which increases knowledge, experience and understanding and thereby improves performance of a professional. CPD can be classified in different ways for different reasons, and there are several models that explore the ways in which knowledge is acquired for professional development.

These models are divided into three categories according to their purpose, regarding p...

Throughout this succinct article we will discuss the practices of professional recruitment, addressing its history, processes, practices and the future, but with a greater focus on e-recruitment, is the use of the Internet as a tool in recruitment.


The only similarity between recruitment and selection is that both are responsible for seeking and evaluating people who have a profile and competencies that best meet th...

We live in a very competitive reality, the capitalist environment is one in which companies are always forced to fight to stay on top or go bankrupt. Society is always in constant change and with it its standards, values and individuals are also always changing. It is also good to point out that technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, forcing society itself to adapt to a reality that is increasingly technological, di...


In a world that is constantly evolving, companies and companies must be more creative and enterprising by recruiting more qualified professionals and above all dedicated and creative to this end it is necessary to recruit with firmness depending on the function and the profile of the adequate staff member. function but recruitments have never been op thus the first attempt at recruitment of officials was in China place w...

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