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  • Scarlett Rocha Amon Scharth


The issue of diversity goes far beyond delivering better results. Diversity involves not only how people perceive themselves but how they perceive the other. In the organizational context, diversity is no longer a mere practice to gather the sympathy of society but has become an opportunity not noticed by companies.

According to survey by Rocio Lorenzo and Martin Reeves, published on the Harvard Business Review, among 1700 companies analyzed in eight countries from different levels of socioeconomic development, there is a strong connection with the range of diversity practices within companies and the quality of its financial results and performance on innovation. The way the authors pointed out, is to apply such practices at multiple levels by addressing a large extent of diversity, so power of diversity contributes to a much more inclusive culture where ideas independently of who they came from, can compete on equal conditions. As far as the job market concerns what should be relevant is the productive capacity, a competent professional, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or nationality.

Understanding the relevance of inclusion in the corporate world means understanding how significant is respecting and valuing the differences. To bet on diversity is to bet on cultural enrichment for the company. People from different backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicities, social levels, and others, when part of the same purpose, are able to share ideas and visions so different and rich, finding solutions that would not be possible if everyone had similar experiences.

Creating a diversity-driven atmosphere that allows innovation and encourages high performance is a must do to leaders of the future and to do that so, these leaders need to be proactive on creating a more tolerant, egalitarian, productive and efficient environment that stimulates the team’s development, making people develop their different abilities benefiting of the human capital on its best way, thus generating better results for the organization, maximizing the efficiency of the company.



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