Professional Recruitment Practices

Throughout this succinct article we will discuss the practices of professional recruitment, addressing its history, processes, practices and the future, but with a greater focus on e-recruitment, is the use of the Internet as a tool in recruitment. Recruitment The only similarity between recruitment and selection is that both are responsible for seeking and evaluating people who have a profile and competencies that best meet the needs of a specific vacancy within a company, when these two words are together many people confuse, but the concepts are different. In recruitment is used techniques and procedures that aims to attract candidates with the best profile for the company, while the sele

Strategic Planning and Needs Forecasting

We live in a very competitive reality, the capitalist environment is one in which companies are always forced to fight to stay on top or go bankrupt. Society is always in constant change and with it its standards, values and individuals are also always changing. It is also good to point out that technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, forcing society itself to adapt to a reality that is increasingly technological, digital and different from what we are used to experiencing. For an organization, to remain in such a hostile, inconsistent and challenging environment is not an easy task. Staying in the marketplace requires that you are always up to date and ahead of your competitors, t

Recruitment Practices

INTRODUCTION In a world that is constantly evolving, companies and companies must be more creative and enterprising by recruiting more qualified professionals and above all dedicated and creative to this end it is necessary to recruit with firmness depending on the function and the profile of the adequate staff member. function but recruitments have never been op thus the first attempt at recruitment of officials was in China place where a long and detailed job description was also created and satisfactory results were obtained. Later, Harvard University began to choose people on a psychological basis. In 1917, the first personnel selection institutions appeared (Silva and Nunes, 2002) With the ind

Quality of Work Life

Quality of Work Life (QWL) is related to organizational practices that aim at promoting employees mental and physical health, safety and satisfaction. A high QWL is essential for organizations to continue to retain high performing employees. Quality of Work Life has emerged as one of the most important aspects of Job that ensures long term association of the employees with the organization. Let's understand how quality of work life can be seen in the optics as a management tool. Since the beginning of our civilization, the human being has found a way to make work easier and simpler as we created math formulas and machines to help us out, and till today we are still trying to improve our work

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